Single Phase Power Conditioners

PCV Series - Solid State - CVT Ferroresonant Transformer - 0.5 to 5 kVA

The PCV ranges of single phase AC Power Line Conditioners protect against voltage fluctuations and line disturbances - including harmful mains born noise, lightning induced supply irregularities and short circuits - ensuring a CLEAN utility mains supply.

Designed to operate in the severest of power environments where utility supply voltages may vary widely, they are highly endurable and are often regarded as 'install and forget' solutions.

Common Features

  • Servo Electronic Design
  • Step-less Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Constant Output Voltage, No Load to Full Load
  • Independent Phase Balancing & Control
  • Precise Output Voltage Regulation Accuracy (up to ± 1%)
  • Wide range of permissible Input Voltage windows (up to ± 40%)
  • Volt-free Remote Monitoring
  • Enhanced Transient Voltage & Electrical Noise Protection
  • Inbuilt Transient Voltage Surge & Spike Suppression
  • Inbuilt Bypass Control
  • High Overload Capability
  • High Efficiency & Reliability
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • 3 Years Standard Warranty
  • Compliance with International Standards
  • CE Conformity

Specialised Features

  • Solid State Galvanic Isolated Ferroresonant (CVT) Design
  • Step-Less Voltage Regulation
  • Broad permissible input voltage window (up to ±45%)
  • ±1%/±5% Output Voltage Accuracy
  • Endurable Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Inbuilt enhanced TVSS - Transient Voltage Surge & Spike Suppression
  • Energy Storage 'Ride Through' Capability
  • High Overload Capability
  • Inbuilt Input Circuit Breaker
  • 3 Years Warranty

The Ranges

Series Phase Voltages  
PCV Single Phase 220V - 240V