Three Phase Voltage Compensators with Twin Module Regulation

Three Phase Volt Drop Compensators / Boosters in ratings from 250 to 750 kVA

Our Three Phase range of Constant Voltage Compensators with inbuilt Fault Tolerant Voltage Regulation for truly mission critical applications. Available as either Indoor IP20 / NEMA 1 or Outdoor IP54 / NEMA 3 style solutions, the 380 to 415V (H Series) Three Phase Volt Drop Compensator range is detailed in the TAB below.


  • Servo Electronic Design
  • Low Voltage Booster Capability
  • Redundancy Protection System
  • Step-less Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Constant Output Voltage, No Load to Full Load
  • Independent Phase Balancing & Control
  • Precise Output Voltage Regulation Accuracy (up to ± 1%)
  • Wide range of permissible Input Voltage windows (up to 290V ~ 430V)
  • Volt-free Remote Monitoring
  • Inbuilt Transient Voltage Surge & Spike Suppression
  • Inbuilt Bypass Control & Input Circuit Breaker
  • High Overload Capability
  • High Efficiency & Reliability
  • 3 Years Standard Warranty

The Ranges

Series Phase Voltages  
Twin Module
Three Phase 380V - 415V
Four Wire
Twin Module
Outdoor Unit
Three Phase 380V - 415V
Four Wire